Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Rj Plent

Wiring & electronics guru. Has a knack for making parts that are supposed to fit, actually fit and function. Rj controls the shop floor and matches our talents with our tasks. Prior to purchasing parts, make sure you give Rj a call, he knows quality and what fits!


Rj’s cars- 48 Chevy pickup that sports LS power and Vette under carriage,

                     70 Chevelle wagon 

                     And one super awesome 64 Volkswagen sedan


Ryan Polson


Sheet metal craftsman & fabricator. Ryan is new this year to the team, and we look forward to seeing him grow with us!  Ryan’s ability and work ethic is simply inspiring. He has a BS degree in automotive restoration from McPherson college in Kansas, and has a passion for what he does.


Ryan’s cars – 29 Ford Roadster

                            59 Chevy Biscayne

Fred Johnson

Fred does everything at Deuces Wild Hotrods. Fred comes to us as a retired LA city fire head mechanic. ( this is good )  Fred is multi talented and adds a layer of ability to our team of people in which we could not do without.


Fred’s cars – 55 Chevy 210

                           55 Chevy Wagon

                          28 Ford Roadster

Marla Dezavala

Marla is the one sole person that actually runs the show and makes everything happen. She works with the toughest of issues, makes sure things are flowing, bills our clients and pays our bills. When Marla speaks we listen, as we should. 


Marla’s background is banking and business finance. She is anonomously responsible for this companies growth and success. 


Marla’s cars – 2013 BMW… Wait, what?


John Meadows

Founder and owner of Deuces Wild Hotrods & Customs Inc.

My background is in hard work and customer service. Just recently I was asked to work with Ridetech, and handle their west coast education, promotion, tech support for the western u.s.  


I am on the road a lot for myself as we’ll as Ridetech, but rest assured that we have a group of guys and gals that are ready to assist you with your next project.


John’s cars – 40 ford coupe

                            72 Chevy II

                           68 Chevy Camaro



Josh Marquez

Josh is the Deuces Wild IT/Media/Marketing guy! A fresh graduate from the California State University of Channel Islands, where he received a degree in Business. Josh comes from a radio background and has gotten the hot rod bug.

Josh’s Toys- 05 Jeep Cherokee

                       03 Honda XR 250

                       94 Yamaha Pit Bike